Thinking Of Selling Your Home In The Near – Future?: 5 Things To Do, Now

While, to a large extent, the present, real estate market, is, at best, on – hold, because of the restrictions, fears, and realities of the present pandemic, if one, is seriously considering, selling his home, sometime, in the not – so – distant, future, there are ways, to effectively use this period (when most of us, are home – locked), to prepare, in – advance, and without expending, large sums of money! With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 5 things, we might do, in order to, use this period, effectively, in order to plan, and prepare, to achieve our future objectives.

1. Curb appeal: One, somewhat, easy, thing, to address, which isn’t costly, is enhancing and improving the house’s curb appeal. What does that mean? When someone drives up, and approaches, your property, for the first time, does it create a positive, neutral or negative impression? If it wasn’t your home, and you were a buyer, instead, what would you, objectively, see? One factor, is the look of the front door, and surrounding area. Is the door attractive, and welcoming? Might making it, a brighter, happier color, improve the overall impact, and impression? How about the screen – door? Examine the walkway, front patio, driveway, etc! How about the condition of the lawn (especially, front lawn), cleanliness, shrubs, trees, exterior house, etc?

2. Grounds: Are your grounds, attractive, neat, and well – cared – for, or a negative distraction, which gives the impression, the owner (you) doesn’t pay particular care and attention, to it? Do some planting, seeding, tree – trimming, etc, during this period! Not only will it keep you, from getting, stir – crazy, now, but, enhance the perceived value and attractiveness of your property, when the time is right, in the future.

3. Thoroughly clean: It’s a great time to do, Spring Cleaning, on – steroids! Clean, observe strengths and weaknesses, carefully, and, use those strengths, while minimizing areas of weakness!

4. De – Clutter: Most homes, over – time, become cluttered, because, a reality of living, is we tend to accumulate many more items, than we probably need. Throw – out things, you won’t use, and move – out, to storage, etc, those things, which over – clutter, the house, and make it so, potential, qualified buyers, cannot see it, to its maximum potential! While you are doing this, consider, whether, your house my benefit, by using a professional home – stager!

5. Touch – up, and address issues: After, you have cleaned, and reduced clutter, you will, see areas, which might benefit, by touching – up (paint, floors, etc), and other things, which might take – away, from maximizing the house’s perceived value/ beauty!

Use today’s down – time, to create a brighter future! These things are often, inexpensive to do, but have a huge positive impact!