It’s Not A Sale, Until The House, Is SOLD!

There are, often, many, ups – and – downs, along the path, of the real estate, transaction process! Many agents, and homeowners, jump – the – gun, and, become, somewhat, complacent, and count, their chickens, before, they hatch! While proceeding, with a positive, can – do, attitude, and, never, letting, the challenges of this, become overwhelming, it is, perhaps, at least as important, to realize, It’s not a sale, until, it (the house) is, actually, SOLD. With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, and why, it’s such, an important process!

1. Strategies; solutions; selling; strengths: From the onset, the real estate agent, a homeowner, hires, should discuss, as much, about, what might be, expected, during the upcoming, often – stressful, confusing, transaction period! Selling a home, requires patience, focus, strategy, and keen attention, which emphasizes, proceeding with the finest, possible, viable solutions. The more, agent and client, proceed, together, on, the same – page, goes a long way, towards emphasizing the potential strengths, of the particular house!

2. Options; organized; occupancy; opportunities: Homeowners need to be represented, by individuals, who are organized, and clearly focused, towards getting their homes, sold! While, there are several options, about how, to best proceed, it’s essential to take advantage of the finest opportunities, and realized, the deal, isn’t done, until/ unless, the new owners, take occupancy, and the house’s deal, is sold!

3. Listen; learn; lessons; leading: Experienced agents must use the lessons, learned, from previous experiences, and familiarize, their clients, with the potential pitfalls, etc. The better prepared, a homeowner is, the easier the process! A real estate agent, must, effectively, listen, both to his client, as well as the potential buyers, and learn, what potential concerns, objections, and anything, else, which might, get, in the way, of closing, the transaction. It is an agent’s responsibility, to, consistently, be, leading the way, and being responsible, to the homeowner, he serves and represent!

4. Delve deeply; discover: Never assume, the house is sold, until after the closing! Although, rare, it is not unusual, for some snag, to occur, at the last – minute, and. the better prepared, an owner is, the better, the possibility/ chance, of bringing the deal, to fruition! Often, this requires, a willingness, to, delve deeply, consider the possibilities, and discover the potential options, and way, to effectively, proceed!

It’s not really, a sale, until a house, is SOLD! The more, aware, the agent, and homeowner, the better the possibilities, of bringing the process, to the finest, fruition!