Finding the Perfect New Condo: Tips for Choosing the Right Location and Building

Finding the Perfect New Condo: Tips for Choosing the Right Location and Building

Buying a condo means you have already decided to take a well-calculated step towards living and enjoying the city life. You may be low on budget but that won’t stop you from living the quality of life single-home owners. And when that home is in Montreal – which is rated “the new king” in Canada’s property market – you know you’re on the right track.

However, when you buy a condo you should be ready to accept both, the perks as well as the limitations. While the biggest benefit of owning a condo is a promise of a city life, there could be certain drawbacks as well you should know to make your investment a value for money.

And with condos, location is perhaps the most important factor as it can determine whether your property will have a low or high resale value in future. In addition, the quality of the building and its proximity to standard amenities is also an important consideration with a condo.

In this post, we will discuss some tips that would help you find the perfect condo for sale with the best location and a quality building.

Some of those tips are –

Analyze the neighbourhood for basic amenities

A good neighbourhood is always central to finding your perfect condo. And a good neighbourhood means it should come good on virtually all parameters, right from appearance to accessibility to facilities. The trick here is to search for the home in an area that is close to the main routes and that has easy access to the roads and public transport. Make sure the locality has all the key essential amenities you’d need for living a quality life, such as hospitals, schools, malls, parks, grocery shops etc. And it would be great if the area has beautiful landscapes and ample of public places for walk and leisure.

Check the prospects of nightlife

Montreal is a cosmopolitan city that hubs with activities all year round. It has plenty of hotspots to enjoy the nightlife in its full flow. You will find many restaurants, shopping malls and entertainment avenues located next to each other in the heart of the city. And if you’re a night worm and love to party hard, makes you sure choose the locality of your condo where all this prospect is available. Otherwise if would become inconvenient for you to live in one part of the city and drive down every day to the other pat for attending night parties. But yes, condos that are located in and around a glitzy area will cost more.

Know about the walking paths, parks and cycling trails

The joy of living in a walkable city is truly immense. You can take a stroll down the road anytime of the day to do the tasks that otherwise take like epoch in a busy city. Similarly, you’d wish your condo to be located next to a public park so that you can always take a jog in the morning, lay along the grass on a sunny day, sit idle for hours and enjoy the charms of nature. And it would be amazing if the condo locality is in close proximity to greenery-tinged cycling trails.

Consider the future development prospects of the area

While having the basic city amenities is a must for a condo living, it makes more sense when you search the area on its potential for future development. It won’t take long to find if the locality you’re eyeing has projects lined up for future be it related to schools, hospitals, shopping malls, public transport etc. The worth, and also the resale value, of your condo can increase manifold when you buy it in an area with huge potential for future development.

Evaluate the key elements of the condo unit itself

Even the best-looking condo might fail to find a buyer if it’s located in a building that is attractive yet cheap. And if the building warrants frequent repairs and maintenance, buyers might keep a distance from it. The real value of a condo is often judged by, the positon of the unit, whether it gives great views, keeps the outside noise low etc. It’s equally important to check whether the condo has usable space and appealing flooring as both can add some quality to living.

Inspect the available amenities inside the complex

As a buyer, the last thing you’d expect is to buy a condo that promises much yet delivers nothing, literally. As it happens, many condo buyers feel bad when they don’t get to live in a house that was advertised to them by the builders. It’s a common sight to find condos that otherwise has all the top-notch facilities be it the pool, play area, gym etc. but only for most of them to be in a severe need of repair, or not worth using at all.

Final Thoughts

Finding the perfect new condo for sale location and building is never easy when you decide to do all alone. You should rather hire a real estate broker and leverage their market knowledge and experience. Only this can ensure the best condo with a location and building to vouch for!

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