An Overview of Executive Condominiums

Executive condominiums were introduced so as to cater to the needs of different citizens and most especially those who were not in a position to own the private properties including the new graduates and young professionals. The design of the executive condominium is made so much similar to the private condos and this may be because they are done by renowned private developers.

There are so many executive condominium projects being carried out today and there are also so many qualified public developers who have come in so as to meet the market demands. The role of selling an executive condominium is also left to the private developers and if one is in need of a property or any kind of information regarding such developments, they are free to make contact with the developers so as to know more.

Executive condominiums can also be sold within the open market. This is only done after the minimum occupation period is complied with from the commencement of the occupation date.

Before you embark on looking for your ideal executive condominium, there is a need to check if you are actually eligible for it. When all the eligibility criteria are met, then you can start the process and you can also access some grants especially if you are a first time applicant.

An executive condominium’s location has to be thought out as carefully as possible. This helps in ensuring that it is at a prime point. In many cases, the land used for such developments is vast thus offering the people the space and freedom that they may be in need of. Many residential units of a luxurious nature are involved and in certain instances, shops and recreational centers can be included adding to the convenience to the people.

The location of the executive condominium is also chosen so as to be near public transport and expressways. In some cases, you may find that when an executive condominium is being developed, other amenities are also developed alongside it. This serves as an amazing business opportunity for different people since the units hold a great number of people at the same time.

Units are mixed up in terms of sizes. This makes it possible for them to serve different categories of persons. Single suites are ideal for single people or any potential investor. There are double SOHO units which come with ceilings that are very high as well as a lift that caters for the maximization of space and the SOHO way of living. There are also the triple clubs which offer dual key units and they are ideal for all persons who like to use homes in multiple ways. Investors can also make use of this option. The Quad Residence offers fine, large 4/5 bedroom units for multi-generational and big families.

The government also works around such developments so as to make them more attractive. Commercial activities are also encouraged to a great extent so as to meet all the needs of the residents living within those areas. Sports hubs are also set up so as to give the residents the ability to enjoy some sports as well as leisure as they interact.